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The end of 3rd party cookies- Beginning of a new era of trust and transparency

The end of 3rd party cookies- Beginning of a new era of trust and transparency
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HT Media invited Abheek Biswas, AVP, Consumer Insights at WATConsult, to share the key highlights of the dentsu e4m Digital Advertising Report 2022 on Wednesday, 23rd February. The session was exclusive to HT Media, partners and clients, and teams watching some audience intriguing questions from the.

Abheek shed light on digital marketing and advertising trends in India for the new year, how consumer trends are changing the advertising landscape and the opportunities for publishers and advertisers in 2022.

Talking about the sunset of 3rd party cookies, Abheek said “I believe this end of an era, as some people call it, is the beginning of a new era of trust and transparency between brands and consumers. It will change the terms of data management, making user content and positive value exchange the key factors. Alternative routes such as creation of first part data sources, cohorts being created around interests, demographics, psychographics and geographies are already being created. For most publishers, the solution will come from a blend of options that is unique to their needs.”

There was also an interesting discourse on the various post-digital era trends, on which Abheek commented “Web 3, NFTs, crypto, conversational commerce etc. are seen as trend because right now they are going through the adoption curve. Innovators are trying to test out the systems. The government has already announced that it is looking into the idea of ​​digital currency, blockchain etc. The next step, inherently, for advertisers and marketers is to take a lead in setting their own blockchain models; Initially at the ecosystem level where publishers, advertisers and brands will have the infrastructure setup. Demand from the public will start arising by the next year so within the next 2-3years revenue generation will happen, positively!”

In discussion with Mitish Desai, Head of Sales Excellence and Agency Relationships at HT Media, regarding the way forward for publishers and advertisers in a post-cookie era, Abheek added “When the news broke that cookies are going to become redundant, the initial discussion was focused around the question– ‘What is going to happen to advertising?’ In my opinion, cookie-less does not mean advertising-less or less personalization and relevancy. It simply means there is a need for a shift towards sustainable advertising and responsible advertising. Non-intrusive personalization is the need of the hour. Consumers put a lot of emphasis on data privacy and regulations are being made for this. Contextual advertising prioritizes user experience and trust. And it does it very well. Eg Targeting ads just by using content that the customers are already engaged in does not just benefit brand, it provides an improved user experience. Users feel more in tune with the values ​​and interests of the brand. Contextual advertising will take lead in cases where deep data is unavailable. Further integration with messaging, chatbots, creative personalization will lead to a surge in contextual advertising as we approach the cookie-less world.”

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