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Why should your brand be on Twitter this International Women’s Day?

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The human voice has always been a powerful weapon to bring change and change starts with a conversation. At Twitter, we are committed to serving the public conversation and ensuring people have a free and open space to talk.

Twitter is what’s happening, and what people are talking about right now. When brands are strategizing their launch campaigns, Twitter is ideal to build awareness and interest for something new and that is not just restricted to a product launch or a movie release. The platform has proven tailored solutions across verticals and geographies.

International Women’s Day has been a key topic of interest for people on Twitter. This moment is also an opportunity for brands to connect with people, build relevance and celebrate the accomplishments of women around the world while also acknowledging the progress that remains ahead.

Twitter connects brands with the most valuable audiences when they’re most receptive. In the days leading up to 8 March, brands can leverage Twitter to make sure their voice reaches far & wide. In recent years, brands have embraced International Women’s Day as a way to show their support and join in the conversation. This year, you can make your paid media work harder on Twitter and your brand can drive home a message that can be acted upon. How about choosing to leave a memory after you ‘trend’?

Increase Share of Voice by tapping into the community

Twitter is home to a community of incredibly vibrant and diverse voices on our platform, from those engaging in joyful everyday conversations, to strong women who raise awareness about issues that matter. 2021 saw over 2.5 million Tweets in India around International Women’s Day. Support, love, encouragement and Retweets came from all over the country.

Reach a massive audience through 1:1 Amplify Sponsorships

How many times does a brand wonder how to creatively communicate its messaging? Many say ‘almost every second day’.

Twitter Amplify Sponsorships help unlock value by finding the perfect alliance between an advertiser’s audiences and those of the publisher. They “enable brands” to align against premium content from a roster of top-rated publishers. Sponsorships offer the tightest control over when and where your ad will appear. The skip-to-the-best part is that the target audiences are already watching this content.

Whether it is to reinforce brand positioning or to showcase a range of interesting, snackable audience content or even to engage withs through riveting, interactive content, brands have consistently demonstrated just how effective Twitter’s Amplify Sponsorships can be.

Amrita Tripathi, Head of Content Partnerships, Twitter India explains “There are many opportunities for brands to help drive conversations around important topics like International Women’s Day by partnering with content partners who are in Twitter’s Amplify Sponsorships Program, for example, brands can leverage the power of premium content, get share of voice and give added momentum to the publishers creating this premium content. Premium content continues to drive trust, engagement and great value.”

There’s also a vast canvas of premium content that Twitter encourages on the platform, including live video, video clips, and other storytelling formats, like Twitter Moments. Content from either of these genres can be integrated with native ads in-feed like “pre-roll” clips and/or brand interstitials to create various blends of content and brand-speak.

Positive sentiment helps sell in a world of choices

At Twitter, brand safety is human safety and we’re committed to ensuring a safe advertising experience for everyone who uses Twitter. Through policies, products and partnerships, Twitter is driving change, when it comes to brand safety, that not only makes Twitter more brand-safe but creates a standard for keeping content safe for people too.

International Women’s Day is one such brand-safe topic with mentions around it, seeing an overwhelmingly positive/neutral sentiment of over 81% in 2021. These optimism conversations are crucial to deepening customer interaction, building lasting brand loyalty and creating real impact.

Optimizing a mix of Twitter’s extensive ad suite products can connect your brand to your customer in meaningful ways, drive business objectives and achieve a higher share of voice.

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