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Record-Breaking Product Launch Reaches More Than 15,000

Record-Breaking Product Launch Reaches More Than 15,000
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TUCSON, Ariz., March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Renowned business and marketing strategist, Dan Hollings, has just achieved the largest digital marketing launch in history, welcoming more than 15,000 members, including top-tier business leaders, young investors , and everyday people, from more than 129 countries, through his newly released crypto program, The Plan.

After being most well-known for his work in e-commerce, as well as through his Internet marketing strategy many attribute to be instrumental to the vast success of the book and film, The Secret, Dan went on to become an avid NFT and crypto investor. After personal success, he proved his concept, and created the program that is now educating thousands worldwide, and also went on to co-author the book, One Coin, Two Coin, What Coin? Bitcoin: Crypto for Grownups Made as Easy as Child’s Play. Currently, Dan is preparing for the next launch of The Plan.

“The Plan, created by Dan Hollings, is an absolute game-changer,” said Wilson Mattos, Co-Founder and CEO of Rapid Crush, Inc., the publisher of The Plan. “The record-breaking product launch ($57MM in less than seven months), reached customers in 129 countries in that short timeframe. So many lives are being positively impacted by Dan Hollings, and we are proud to be the publishers of The Plan. “

About Dan Hollings:

Dan Hollings is the Internet “Super Strategist,” a marketing and e-commerce sought-after expert, most well-known for his work with the internationally renowned book/movie, The Secret, and the go-to leader for businesses and manufacturers looking to achieve high levels of success selling on Amazon.

Hollings is now leading the Crypto industry, establishing himself as the guy who cracked the code by simplifying how people invest and maximize returns. From DeFi, to Futures, to Grid Trading, to NFTs as an avid digital art collector and advisor (Desperate ApeWives, CryptoPunks, Board Ape Yacht Club, ArtBlocks and more), Hollings excels in safe strategies with maximum ROI. In addition, he is the creator and teacher of the popular course called “The Plan.”

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