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AARP Foundation Gets $10 Million Grant From

AARP Foundation Gets $10 Million Grant From
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“This transformational grant will enable older living adults with low incomes to obtain the digital confidence and skills they need to increase their long-term financial stability, especially for those who have been most affected by systemic racism and discrimination,” said AARP Foundation President Lisa. Marsh Ryerson. “Offering vulnerable older adults critical technology training skills can further close the digital divide, help build economic security and resilience, and help people live independently as they age.”

The programs will launch in more than a dozen cities beginning in March 2022 and continue to roll out over the next two years in eight states: Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas. The training will be conducted through community organizations that will use sessions designed by AARP Foundation and OATS’ Senior Planet instructors. Based on the results of these initial efforts, AARP Foundation plans to create a scalable model to expand the program nationally.

“By supporting the AARP Foundation to implement this new digital skill training program, we hope to help older adults, especially those from vulnerable communities who have not had access to technological resources in the past, plan for their future,” said Kent Walker, who is president for Global Affairs at Google.

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