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Beware of LinkedIn Scams When Searching for Jobs Online

Beware of LinkedIn Scams When Searching for Jobs Online
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9 Ways to Avoid Job Scams

Here are excerpts from LinkedIn on how to avoid employment scams.

1. Be wary of personal email addresses

Company names and logos can be stolen. A legitimate recruiter will contact you using a business email, not a Gmail or Yahoo account. Search the person’s name on LinkedIn and view first-degree connections to see if they are connected to other company employees.

2. Never pay to land a job

Legitimate employers will never ask you to pay starting costs, fees, inventory or anything else.

3. Never agree to transfer money

In almost all cases, the money is stolen.

4. Use trusted sites

Sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor have screening processes, but these aren’t foolproof — so keep your guard up.

5. Do not give away bank account, PayPal account or credit card information

Bank-routing information is for direct deposits after you’ve met an employer in person. If applying for remote work, wait for a signed offer.

6. Scrutinize job postings

Look for typos, errors and terms like “wire transfer.”

7. Before applying, researching a company

Check the company’s website and social media; search Google for news articles.

8. Avoid job postings for “previously undisclosed” federal jobs

Federal jobs are on There’s no cost to have a look.

9. Take extra precautions when applying for remote jobs

Because you will not be meeting a company official in person, verify the company’s online presence for legitimacy.


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