How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

The cost of a divorce depends upon the amount of time the Attorney puts into the case. The amount of time the Attorney puts into the case depends, in essence, upon how much the parties fight. Therefore it is essential that a person be willing to compromise on matters that are not essential to him or her.

I do not recommend that a Client compromise on essential matters, but on non–essential matters.

Each Client must determine for himself or herself what constitutes an essential or a non–essential matter for his or her case. Your Attorney can assist you with this determination from the legal perspective.

The short answer is that the cost of a divorce totally varies depending upon the time and services provided by the Attorney.

The cost also depends upon the hourly rate that your Attorney is charging you. A higher hourly rate by any Attorney does not necessarily reflect a superior ability in the Attorney, although it should. A higher hourly rate does reflect, however, this Attorney's ability to attract Clients who can afford such a rate. The law says that what an Attorney can charge must be reasonable, and must be based upon the difficulty of the case and the experience of the Attorney.

My rates are based on the type of case, whether it is a pre–decree domestic matter or a post–decree matter. Please inquire during your initial consultation for more information.