Child Support

Child Support in Colorado is determined by the “Colorado Child Support Guidelines.”

Different factors determine the outcome.

The factors include the following, though this list is not exhaustive: gross income of mother, gross income of father, number of overnights per year each party has with the child, how much is being paid for child-care by either party, how much is being paid for medical insurance for the child by either party, how much is being paid for any extraordinary expenses for the child by either party, etc . . .

Many attorneys use a computer software program which automatically calculates what the child support should be under the guidelines, by simply entering the appropriate figures.

The parties may deviate from what these guidelines will determine should be the child support, subject to the Court’s approval that such deviation is in the best interests of the child.

For no child support to be ordered, usually certain circumstances must exist in the case. Such circumstances might be an equal sharing of time with the child along with equal income of the parties. Another circumstance is if the child has independent income, say from the Social Security Administration.

You may look up Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) Title 14, Article 10, Sections 115 for further information.